Rev. John F. Russell, O. Carm.

 photograph of Rev. John F Russell, O. Carm.

See a biography of Fr. John Russell, O. Carm.

An appreciation published by Seton Hall University when he became Professor Emeritus in 2010

An announcement of his death with information about his life and contributions

An appreciation published by the British Province of Carmelite Friars


"The religious plays of St. Therese of Lisieux," a chapter in Experiencing St. Therese Today.  Washington, D.C.: ICS Publications, 1990.  Based on a 1988 conference, probably the first in English on this subject.

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  • A reference to "Therese of Lisieux and Spiritual Direction."This article, not available online, was published in Studies in Spirituality, Volume 8, 1998, pp. 199-216.
  • Reference to the article "A Christmas Story of Conversion" in The Living Pulpit: Christmas (October-December 1997), pp. 42-43.
  • "Therese of Lisieux and the Rule of Carmel: A Guide for All."  Mount Carmel, 57(3), 51- 60, July 2009