St. Therese of Lisieux from January 1895 through June 9, 1895


from Therese's beginning to write the first manuscript that would later be published as part of her memoir, "Story of a Soul," to her offering of herself to Merciful Love.

1895 was a year of grace for Therese.  Her father's long, bitter trial was over, and Celine had at last joined her in Carmel.  At the request of her sister, Mother Agnes of Jesus, in January Therese began to write her childhood memories, writing 'I find myself at a period in my life when I can cast a glance on the past; my soul has matured in the crucible of exterior and interior trials."  This re-reading of the graces God has given her caused her to "sing the Mercies of the Lord" even more joyfully.  On January 21, 1895, for Mother Agnes's feast-day, Therese's play "Joan of Arc Accomplishing Her Mission" was produced at evening recreation.  On February 5, 1895, Therese's sister Celine, whom she called "the sweet echo of my soul," received the Carmelite habit as Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face.  

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